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Every goal requires action to make it happen!

You will be working on mini goals during every stage of the process and once you get to action this is where you really start to get to grips with your goal and to put everything into practice.

It is very difficult to put a time and price to your action stage as some goals will require more support than others. The action stage may include Personal Training, Group Exercise classes, Nutritional Therapy, NLP, Goal setting.

The Action part is a continuation of your journey and also to see targets met and completed successfully. Depending on the action the goals may be met or new goals will added depending on what type of training is being followed.

Lifestyle Package

Are you getting the results you’ve always dreamt of?

The Fitness Training Co Lifestyle Package has been designed by elite Professionals who are experts in their field with one aim in mind, getting you results!

Our unique approach to ‘change’ employs the very latest cutting edge technologies that will give you the best chance of succeeding in your goals.

Our philosophy is that ‘anything is possible’ and we would encourage you to start living that belief right now. Let your Coach choose the right tools and techniques to make your dreams a reality.

You can take the complete package or simply choose the parts that are right for you.