Body MOT

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If you think of your body as a car engine, then it is right to have it maintained and checked on a regular basis.

Fitness Training Co experts cover a wide variation of tests and measurements so that you have a clear benchmark to start from.

The Body MOT enables us to keep an eye on your progress, allowing you to achieve the results you want!

Body MOTs can be included as part of a personal training package, provided as a "one off" or delivered in the work place to give employees a clear picture of their general health.

The results can be used to design a more accurate and precise course of action to really maximise results.

Our Body MOT Includes

  1. Blood pressure & heart rate checking
  2. Body Fat Analysis / Body Mass Index
  3. Cholesterol testing
  4. Hydration levels
  5. Metabolic rate
  6. Circumferential body measurements
  7. Strength testing
  8. Endurance testing
  9. Lung strength testing
  10. Flexibility testing