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Sickness absence costs every business in both loss of productivity and reduced employee morale. Anything we can do to reduce this will benefit everyone - the company itself, the employees, the country and its industry as a whole. Could Fitness Training Co be working in partnership with your company to help create a healthier, happier more motivated workforce?

Over a weekly average of 613,000 employees are absent from work and 2 million working days are lost from sickness absence . Sickness absence costs UK businesses £17billion each year (CBI 2010)The average cost per employee per year is £613.

Back pain, injuries to bones, muscle cramps and soft tissues are the most common causes stress, depression and anxiety are also key causes. Exercise and a greater health awareness is proven to improve most work related absence. Exercise is proven to increase mood, motivation, focus and relieve stress. Employee satisfaction increases when clear investment is made in their personal welfare.

Why Choose Fitness Training Co?

Specialists in fitness, lifestyle & rehabilitation
Experienced, highly qualified team
Industry standard recognition
Professional indemnity insurance
Public liability insurance
A proven track record in increasing and maintaining
individuals' well-being
Experts in engaging employees in healthier thinking
Dedicated to providing creative, fun and active solutions

How we work

We tailor bespoke Corporate packages including:
Personal Training
Body MOTs
Life Coaching
NLP Coaching/Therapy
Group Exercise Classes
Nutritional/Weight Management advice
Vitamin and supplement advice
Inter-company fitness challenges/fun days

How can we help ?

Create bespoke lifestyle, fitness and health solutions
Provide services covering mind, body & soul
Prevent re-occurring problems through rehabilitation
Provide preventative treatment to minimise the effects
of work-related illness
Provide fitness days/events at your workplace or
offsite locations
Provide NLP based coaching to teams or individuals
Provide a motivated and energetic team
Promote teamwork within your organisation

Investment = Benefits

Increased mental alertness = Higher staff performance Creating lifestyle awareness = Happy and satisfied employees Investing in employees = A good employer and increased staff morale Building a fitter, stronger, healthier workforce = Reduced staff absence and stress levels Providing a long-term healthy living culture = A motivated and energetic team

Getting Results

With packages starting from only £60 per week, just imagine the benefits to your organisation.

Contact us today and take the first step to building a healthier, happier more motivated workforce.

“I've seen a definite increase in staff morale and teamwork since our Fitness Training Co Trainer has been working with us”

Bruce Vincent, Senior Vice-President, IHG