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Precise Body Measurements – we measure you accurately from head to toe so you know exactly where you are starting from.

Body Fat – based upon your age and gender you have an ideal body fat percentage range. Too much or too little body fat can increase the risk of serious health problems such as heart disease, hypertension, blood pressure, diabetes and stroke.

Visceral Fat – this refers to the fat that surrounds your internal organs and fat within the bloodstream. It’s proven that those with high visceral fat are more susceptible to serious health problems such as heart disease, hypertension, blood pressure, diabetes and stroke.

Skeletal muscle – these are the muscles attached to your bones. Your skeletal muscles contain cells which affect your metabolism. Increased skeletal muscle will raise your resting metabolic rate, which in turn means your body burns more fat, even when you are resting.

Resting Metabolic Rate – this refers to the amount of calories your body needs to keep you alive. If you are aware of the amount of calories your body requires you can fuel yourself efficiently, helping to sustain your vital organs and everyday functions.

VO2 Max – this is the volume of oxygen taken in by your body and utilised by your muscles. Aerobic fitness relates to how well your cardiovascular system transports oxygen to your body. With better cardiovascular fitness, your heart becomes stronger and more efficient. Improving your cardio vascular fitness decreases your risk of serious health problems such as heart disease, hypertension, blood pressure, diabetes and stroke.

Blood Pressure – this is the amount of force exerted on your artery walls. The higher your blood pressure, the harder your heart is working and the greater the stress on your blood vessels. If this occurs over a long period of time your heart and arteries can become weakened and degenerate.

Hydration Levels – this is to measure hydration levels in the body are at an optimum. Ideal hydration percentage (intracellular water) is >65% for men and >60% for women.

Bone Density - Bone density is a measure of the strength of a bone by determining the amount of minerals (e.g. calcium) in relation to the amount of bone. Bone density increases throughout childhood and adolescence to peak at about 30 years of age then slowly declines as we continue aging.

Metabolic Age - Metabolic age is a reflection of physical health in the form of a calculation based on the base metabolic rate (BMR). If someone's metabolic age is lower than his or her actual age, it suggests that the body is in good health, while a metabolic age higher than the actual age indicates that someone may be experiencing health problems. This measurement is one among many which can be used to assess health, and people should avoid putting too much weight on it; a more complete assessment of physical health can be obtained from a doctor, who may also have suggestions to improve health.

Cholesterol Check – This is to test blood cholesterol and glucose levels in the body. The total cholesterol is made up of different types of fat in the body. It is essential to analyse the blood sample to check the amount of each component because some of the fats are good, while others are less desirable. Cholesterol is being made in the body all the time; we need a certain amount of it to function normally, but exceeding a certain level can lead to a number of conditions and diseases such as diabetes, increased blood pressure, strokes, heart disease / attacks.

Lung Capacity - Measuring your lung capacity can help you determine how much stamina you have available to go about your daily routine, including sports and other activities. The test also measures the amount of air in the lungs after a deep inhalation and the amount of air your lungs hold during normal breathing; the amount of air moved in and out of the body in one breath.
During this interactive assessment your Coach will explain why each check is important and offer practical hints and tips so that you can make changes that will improve your long term results.

Health Check

The Fitness Training Co Health Check is a recommended starting point for all new clients.

This check is also a great way of plotting progress for our existing clients.

This consultation includes comprehensive tests and measurements that provide a benchmark for you and your Coach to work from.

Your Health Check will last one hour and costs £99.